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Welcome to TrueBlue Mavens, where precision meets progress in the world of medical coding. As seasoned experts in healthcare reimbursement and coding, we are dedicated to ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance in every code we handle. Our mission is to empower healthcare providers and organizations with reliable coding solutions, enabling them to optimize revenue, streamline operations, and prioritize patient care. Explore our services and discover how we can elevate your medical coding experience to a whole new level of excellence.


Our mission is to be a trusted partner that helps our clients achieve their growth goals by bridging the gap between their needs and their desired outcomes. We do this by providing high-quality, affordable services that are tailored to each client’s individual requirements. We thrive on building strong relationships with our clients based on the four pillars of trust, integrity, quality, and affordability.

Trust: We build trust with our clients by being honest and transparent in our dealings with them. We keep our promises and deliver on our commitments.

Integrity: We conduct our business with honesty and ethical principles. We are committed to doing the right thing, even when it is difficult.

Quality: We provide our clients with high-quality services that meet or exceed their expectations. We are constantly striving to improve our services and processes.

Affordability: We offer our clients affordable services that are aligned with their budget. We understand that every client has different financial constraints, and we work with them to find solutions that meet their needs.

We believe that by focusing on these four pillars, we can build long-term relationships with our clients and help them achieve their growth goals.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading force in our industry, known for our innovation, expertise, and commitment to excellence. We want to be the go-to partner for our clients and the industry as a whole. We also want to leave a positive mark on the hearts and minds of the people we associate with. We want to be known for our integrity, compassion, and commitment to making a difference. Become a thought leader in our industry. We want to be known for our expertise and our ability to solve complex problems. We want to share our insights and ideas with the industry, and we want to be a resource for other businesses. Provide exceptional customer service. We want to be known for our commitment to our clients and our ability to exceed their expectations. We want to build strong relationships with our clients and we want to be a trusted advisor. Give back to the community. We want to make a positive impact on the communities where we live and work. We want to support charitable causes and we want to be a good corporate citizen.

We believe that by focusing on these goals, we can achieve our vision of leaving a mark in the industry and in the hearts and minds of the people we associate with.

About Us

Built on a platform of integrity and with a scaffolding of trust, TrueBlue Mavens holds vast experience as a consultant and a constant support system for companies with their requirements in Medical coding, Medical summarization, clinical services, annotation, and Medical transcription around the globe, thus connecting people and businesses.

Because of its experience and large network, TrueBlue Mavens has been a choice of many companies for meeting their service needs. Our staff are diverse, ranging from hospital systems to backend support experts. In the future, we plan to hire management consultants with experience from other industries.

We hope to hear from you in the future. We want you to know that we value your contributions and would love to have a conversation about developing a solution for your needs.

Why TrueBlue Mavens

In the realm of clinical services, we meticulously evaluate a range of solutions to ensure optimal patient accommodations. Departing from conventional approaches, we address payment intricacies through a flexible billing distribution model. Our approach is tailored to challenge the status quo, adapting to your unique preferences and requirements, regardless of your location or specific needs.

In the contemporary landscape, technology plays a pivotal role in empowering businesses to enhance their customer support services by synergizing with and amplifying human capabilities. At TrueBlue Mavens, we serve as a pivotal meeting point, connecting companies with their requisites, fostering an environment of collaboration and tailored solutions.


How We Works

Once we learn about a company’s requirements, our team of experts will conduct a thorough analysis to identify the best solution to implement and execute the project in the most effective manner. This analysis will consider factors such as the company’s specific needs, budget, timeline, and resources. Once we have identified a solution, we will work with the client to discuss it in detail and provide them with samples of our work. Once the client is satisfied with the solution and the samples, they will provide us with final approval to begin work. This marks the beginning of our process of association with the company. We will work closely with the client throughout the project to ensure that their needs are met and that the project is completed on time and within budget. We will also provide regular updates to the client on the project’s progress and keep them informed of any changes or challenges.

Medical coding

As the healthcare industry continues to transition from a fee-for-service model to someone who values value, medical coding becomes increasingly prestigious. TrueBlue Mavens relies on remote coders, which mitigates risks and lowers overhead costs by increasing productivity. Our certified coders are up to date with ICD10 training. The coding process can be complicated but our team’s consultative approach helps identify targets and design solutions in support of them.

AR Management

Instead of spending the time and money to investigate old claims, let us do it for you. We’ll put your hard-earned dollars back into your bank account.

Claims Management

We specialize in process improvement to enhance revenue, streamline operations, and lower costs.

Charge Capture

The mishandling of medical data can lead to care errors that result in lost revenue. By using solutions such as charge capture and continuous workflow management, hospitals can avoid significant losses. By collaborating among coding and charge ingression teams, authorities can effectively reduce the time it takes to process high volumes of transactions. Experts specializing in ingress have a broad knowledge base, which allows them to complete a large volume of transactions with high accuracy.

We offer to address the following with Charge Capture.

  • Coding Errors and Compliance
  • Missing Charges
  • General Inefficiencies

Medical billing

Our Billing Specialists are experts in understanding the revenue cycle and your specific process. Their responsibilities include collating and managing account payments, submitting claims and following up with insurance companies to get a settlement.

Payment Posting

We process variants of remittances received with a high degree of precision, ameliorated responsiveness, and as per procedures defined by our clients. Our accommodations include the following.

  • Verification of payment as per contractual obligations
  • Verification of inexact claims denials
  • Identification and verification of trends that affect huge numbers of claims to rectify payer issues.

AR Follow-Up

We specialize in collecting unpaid and underpaid claims, by fully supporting the clients’ revenue cycle. Our AR services include:

  • Follow up with Federal & Commercial Payers.
  • Appeals Processing
  • Cleanup Projects
  • Eligibility / Benefit Verification

Coding Audits

Our coding audits help companies get a detailed view of all the coding practices within their organization. We also give suggestions on how to create more efficiency and revenue..

Coding audit results are quantifiable and actionable. Results can be audited by error type, by coder, or for a specific physician. This provides opportunities for correction and education for the improvement of your coding process.

Denial Management

Hospital denials are frequent and often result in lost revenue cycles. They make up between five and ten percent of the claims hospitals receive. TrueBlue Mavens Denial Management uses a system to identify and correct problems causing denied claims, without the need for workers to intervene manually. This can be done easily, efficiently, and quickly.

Medical Summarization

Our summarization solutions transform intricate medical records into succinct and easy-to-understand summaries, facilitating effortless review and comprehension.

Medical transcription

Errors in reporting can affect a hospital’s revenue. TrueBlue Mavens helps with robust transcription and reporting accommodations, ideal for physicians in need of streamlining their workloads and providing better care to patients.

  • Well Experienced and qualified MT’s
  • Accurate TAT
  • 24/7 services

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